Is it the time to end?

You can’t make me smile widely with your jokes.
You can’t make me always stay by yourside without any bored.
You can’t make me listen you for a long long time in the phone.
You can’t make me to be my own self when I’m with you.
I can’t to be what you want.
I don’t wanna do what you ask for.
I don’t wanna be romantic like your hope.

It’s feel like there is a long and long space between us. And it makes we’re so far away.
I don’t wanna force my self anymore.
I don’t wanna lie my self. No more.
Everything feel like going wrong in my eyes.
Maybe we’re not match for each other.
Maybe we can’t complete for each other.
Maybe it’s time to end everything that going bad and bad.
Maybe it’s the time of us to say goodbye.



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