You don’t have to read it.

I spent many hours to watch korean drama last night. The title of that drama was Pinnochio. I was so curious about the story and it made me can’t stop watch that drama till 01.00 o’clock and it turned my self like a zombie in the morning. I was late to pray subuh and I felt my eyes turned into tons.
After pray shubuh, I continued to watch that drama. Sometimes, tears flew from my eyes because of the story. Then, I fell a sleep. And I dreamed about my father. He came back after years to hug me. He hugged me tight. I hugged him with tears come from my eyes. That was a long time since he gone. I asked him several questions about why he leave me. At a moment in my dream I realized that it just a dream buat I can’t even wake up. Then, my dream became a chaos. I can’t remember anymore.
Maybe I just miss my father. Everything will be more complete if he here with us. Everything can be solved as his smart and great ability in anything.

Indonesia Poetry Battle

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Lucia Dwi Elvira

Apakah harapan bisa dipegang serupa minyak wangi?
Apakah keinginan dapat dikecup seperti manis bibirmu?
Dalam hal-hal yang kukejar dalam pelarianku,
Dalam mimpi yang bukan bunga tidurku, yang selalu tabah kuimani.
Dan demi langit luasku yang sabar menunggu.
Maka saat-saat batu menyandungku, serta jatuh mengenai giliranku.
Minyak wangi dan manis bibirmu menjelma penawar yang membangkitkanku.
Adalah penawar yang membangkitkanku.

Lucia Dwi Elvira

if hope can be touched like a fragrance?
if desire can be kissed like your sweet lips?
in my escape, i chased things
in a dream that is not
my flower
i chased to believe.
for the sky who waits for me.

then when the stone tripped me down
and fell on the turn
the perfume and your sweet lips transformed to
a bidder who wakes me up
a bidder who wakes me up